14 July 2009

Marriage is not just for sex!


In my opinion, it is inappropriate to tell to the world about your marriage crisis into a TV series. I don't understand why the young lady of Manohara accepted the offer from the producers to become an actress. Does she get relief from her traumatic health problems? Doesn't she feel ashamed to act in her nightmare-true-story-based-drama-series? I think she just makes a fool out of herself. Pity of her, many people are manipulating or exploiting her without her realized. Actually, I do feel sorry of her marriage life. She claimed that she had been sexually abused by her Malaysian prince husband. What a scary marriage she had, huh! Oh... What people especially that kind of man think about marriage nowadays? Is that just only for sex?

Hurm...I remembered a quote from a film with the title of 'Cinta' that I have watched a few years ago, an old man who had an alzheimer disease said which similarly like this

Isteri bukanlah hak milik tetapi anugerah

Yeah, It was a touchful movie about how people defined love.

Haa...besides I would also like to add up one more word at the end of the quote which I think it would be more meaningful then

Isteri bukanlah hak milik tetapi anugerah & amanah

Supposingly, Marriage is a mutual agreement for husband and wife to complete each other under blessing of Allah. A husband should responsible to take a good care of his wife as well as a wife should pay respect to her husband. Man, please protect your wife. Woman, please respect your husband. Insyaallah, pernikahan barakah should be our aim!


13 July 2009

I am observing you, Can I?


Sorry to say that I do observe people at times. I love to see many characters of people, and frankly speaking being a silent reader in this blogging world I observe people based on their writing styles. You are the one who responsible on the things that you had written, so you have to be prepared on whatever responds from the readers out there. Same goes to me as well, Hehe... So lets be prepared! Anyway, I only observe people not judge them. Please, don't get me wrong.


12 July 2009

Salam Pengenalan


This is my first time writing for public. I am writing here just for fun. I don't know where is the direction of this blog actually. At the moment, let me just sketch any random matters to be jotted down. Maybe this blog will be a medium for me to express what I feel to the surroundings or perhaps anything which I feel like to be discussed. I also hope people can guide me well in this so called 'Dunia Blog' . Sila beri tunjuk ajar, haitt... Besides, hopefully we can share our knowledge & experience or thoughts without boundaries in respectful manners. Nice to meet you, everyone!

Salam Pengenalan.